Open Source Materials

EnAccess curates a library of open source, innovative solutions for the energy access sector and provides  assistance is using or adapting the materials. 

Hardware and Software

This is an open-source software solution for mini-grid customer and asset management, originally developed by INENSUS and first launched in 2020. This software provides a robust set of features, including a customer relation management (CRM) tool, a comprehensive ticketing system and maintenance, etc

Introducing OpenPAYGO™ Pass: Enhanced Paygo Activation in Areas without Mobile Money, the latest open-source innovation created by SolarisLab in conjunction with EnAccess

The Open Source GSM Smart meter enables adoption of affordable solar energy solutions in Nigeria through energy as a service business model.

A battery management system (BMS) is the core electronic circuit of every modern Li-ion based energy storage system. It enables energy access companies to develop customised solutions including second life applications of used electric vehicle batteries, suitable for productive use appliances, mini grids, etc.

AirLink uses financed phones as relay-extensions of the internet in remote areas, to extend productive asset data coverage in even the most rural communities. By introducing open-standards communications, AirLink allows customers' phones and PAYGo assets to communicate between themselves and each other using widely available, standard low-energy Bluetooth connectivity.

The OpenPAYGO Token is an open source token system to enable PAYGO functionality in new products. This system can be used by product manufacturers creating new devices and can be integrated with any PAYGO software platform.

Many Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG/PAYGO) systems are based on 2G/GPRS communications. But as 2G towers get replaced by 3G and 4G infrastructure, energy access organizations around the world will need to update their hardware. Okra's communications solution, Cicada, is an open source module with 2G, 3G, 4G, and WiFi capabilities.

Finance and Business Models

A Distributed Renewable Energy Certificate (D-REC) represents one kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity that has been generated from distributed renewable energy sources. It allows companies to sell the renewable energy attributes that originated from small installations, such as Solar Home Systems or mini-grids.

The AgriGrid business model refers to a hybrid organization that combines commercial opportunities in rural electrification with food & agricultural value chain development. The idea is that beyond providing electricity, an AgriGrid operator would also play an active role in providing access to market for a community’s food & agricultural products, resulting in healthier and increased revenue generation for the mini-grid operator.


Energy access organizations do a lot of surveying: of potential customers, sites, and marketplaces. Finding the best platform to manage this data can be hard. Devergy's solution, the Survey Toolkit, provides a simple approach to collecting, analyzing, and presenting field survey data.