Battery Management System

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Flexible Open Source Battery Management System (BMS) suitable for various applications. Need help getting started? Let us know

About this Project

A battery management system (BMS) is the core electronic circuit of every modern Li-ion based energy storage system. It enables energy access companies to develop customised solutions including second life applications of used electric vehicle batteries, suitable for productive use appliances, mini grids, etc.

The BMS is currently under development. It will be a flexible and fully open-source design; suitable for 12V, 24V or 48V systems (up to 16 cells in series); and continuous currents of up to 100A.


It can be used in productive use appliances like milling machines; energy storage for AC mini-grid applications with up to 4 kVA inverters, and second-life batteries built e.g. from recycled EV batteries.

How to Get Started

This technical specification describes the functions and requirements for a flexible open-source Battery Management System (BMS) suitable for various applications.


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EnAccess will help guide you through the adoption process if you need assistance.


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BMS Hardware

This repository contains the files for ongoing development of the Libre Solar BMS C1 (compact version 1).


Go to GitHub – Hardware

BMS Firmware

This repository contains the firmware for Libre Solar Battery Management Systems based on Zephyr RTOS.


Go to GitHub – Firmware

BMS Community Discussion

Libre Solar invites everyone from the Open Source and Energy Access community to provide feedback, so that they can develop the BMS in a way that suits the needs of as many future users as possible.


Go to the BMS Community page

Project Report

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This project is currently in progress, which means we are in the process of collecting questions and figuring out their answers! Please join the community conversation or reach out to us if you have any questions, so we can include them here.


Battery Management System FAQs