What We Do and Why

EnAccess supports Open Innovation in energy access by funding open source technology and promoting the adoption of open source materials. We believe that more Open Innovation in this sector can save developers time and money, create new markets & encourage interoperability, and create a higher quality of work. 

We fund projects that go toward building hardware & software, operational toolkits, or business models.  Our impact creates a positive ripple effect throughout the industry, allowing companies to access open source material instead of having to always build from scratch. Our impact is also felt by last-mile customers, because we build technology that is used to provide access to renewable energy projects all over the world. Often times in the hardest to reach places, when developers can finally figure out all the pieces of the puzzle they need - including the technology that might not have existed before - that's where we see the biggest change for customers. 

Developing new technologies, approaches, and knowledge in energy access is tough, expensive, and important work. We know that the entire energy access community can benefit from sharing knowledge and open source tools.