The D-REC Initiative

Created by Positive Capital Partners & South Pole
The Distributed Renewable Energy Certificate: earn additional ongoing income for your projects

About this Project

A Distributed Renewable Energy Certificate (D-REC) represents one kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity that has been generated from distributed renewable energy sources. It allows companies to sell the renewable energy attributes that originated from small installations, such as Solar Home Systems or mini-grids.


In many developed markets, large corporations with big climate ambitions buy renewable energy as part of their commitment to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. This sort of financing remained out of reach for most companies in the Energy Access sector until very recently.


Climate investments can do more than reduce a company’s carbon footprint. The D-REC allows smaller-scale, distributed renewable energy (DRE) providers access to the corporate demand for renewables. Developers like mini-grid operators and SHS companies can now integrate into an open source platform which will track, verify, and monetise every MWh of electricity – bringing a new income stream to the Energy Access sector.

DRE Project Developers: Get started

Powertrust is one company managing the commercialisation of the D-REC Initiative. Sign up on the Powertrust platform to start generating D-REC certificates. After registration, each kWh can generate income.


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Need some guidance on integrating or understanding how the platform works? Contact us – we’re happy to help.

Still not sure what D-RECs are about? Read this blog post that explains (simply) how the D-REC creates new opportunities for the Energy Access sector and for corporate climate investors.


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Case Study

The D-REC is enabling distributed renewable energy developers to access climate financing that previously was only available to large-scale C&I projects.


Okra Solar describes how the D-REC worked for their mesh grid operations


These are the frequently asked questions about the D-REC Initiative that we hear from the Energy Access community and Project Developers in a simple, easy-to-read format. If you have a question that is not answered in this list, please let us know.



Watch: How DRE Developers can generate income with D-RECs

Topics covered: How do D-RECs work, and where can I get started? Why is D-RECs built on open source technology? What are the reasons for choosing the D-REC platform?

About the D-REC Initiative

The D-REC Initiative is a multi-stakeholder, open source initiative to bring distributed renewable energy into the global market.


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The D-REC Platform

The D-REC Github Repository holds the open source code that powers the D-REC Initiative. An Open Source foundation means that anyone can inspect the underlying logic and gain confidence in the platform.


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