Okra Solar created Cicada

Simusolar created AirLink

OVO Solar uses the Survey Toolkit to track their impact on rural farmers' incomes when they invest in OVO's Solar Powered Egg Incubator.
The Victron Energy Solar Home System product range runs on the OpenPAYGO Token, developed in partnership with Solaris Offgrid.
Founded in 2011, Fosera. is a German based manufacturer of high quality solar home systems - and now all fosera. Solar Home Systems use the OpenPAYGO Token from Solaris OffGrid.
FRES decided to use the OpenPAYGO Token to improve operational performance, and particularly CRM,  with its SHS operations. It also enabled them to improve their insight into customer movement and track SHS performance at all levels.
Deciwatt choose to work with Solaris' OpenPAYGO Token because it offered  the greatest flexibility - unlike other solutions, it does not require any specific or proprietary hardware and Deciwatt had total control of the implementation.
All Solarworx products are PAYGO ready and can operate with any pay as you go platform providers, thanks to the OpenPAYGO Token.
NIWA uses the OpenPAYGO Token in for their industry-leading home solar systems that power Global Leap Awarded Satellite TVs and Brushless Air Fans.
The Koolhome solar refrigerator from Koolboks is now Paygo-enabled using the OpenPAYGO Token from Solaris Offgrid, which offers more flexibility and affordability for customers at the last-mile.