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Connect PAYGO IoT devices to compatible servers via Bluetooth® gateways. 

About this Project

AirLink uses financed phones as relay-extensions of the internet in remote areas, to extend productive asset data coverage in even the most rural communities. By introducing open-standards communications, AirLink allows customers’ phones and PAYGo assets to communicate with each other by using widely available, standard low-energy Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth is an inadequately tapped resource that can extend the reach of PAYGo and equipment Internet of Things data to off-grid communities. By extension, it can also provide data to track and locate stolen or lost PAYGo assets using proximity detection through other devices that have a common way of communicating.


To help new companies, EnAccess is leading an initiative to give companies access to download AirLink through 3 and upload data to the cloud IoT platform, free of charge.

How to Get Started

Trying out AirLink can be fairly easy if you follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide. 


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Technical Documentation for AirLink


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AirLink Community Discussion

AirLink was always an Open Source project, so even when the idea was still being developed, we bought the conversation out in public. Read the history and join the conversation.


AirLink Community Page


Can I use AirLink to find lost or stolen products? Why is AirLink an Open Source project? Visit the FAQ page to read the answer to these and other commonly asked questions about the AirLink.


AirLink FAQs

Project Report

When Simusolar built AirLink, it made them more open to ideas and standards that required more effort to build, but in turn made a solution more robust / scalable. Most importantly, they participated in the technology-for-development community with their own stake in the ground.


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