What is AirLink?

AirLink is a way to wirelessly connect to Pay-As-You-Go devices via bluetooth in order to control or get data from them.


Where did the need for AirLink arise?

Simusolar was trying to get the PAYGO concept to work across all their products, like water pumps, but found their products couldn’t “communicate” using the same protocol. 


For example, when a customer failed to pay on time, it would be much easier for Simusolar to remotely control the products in the same standard way, in order to turn them off or on. AirLink was created to standardize communication operations for Simusolar, but could work for many other companies as well.


Bluetooth is available for communication in proximity, and can be leveraged to make things much easier. 

Can I use AirLink to find lost or stolen products?

Yes. If an employee has the AirLink app on their phone, they could find products in communities the same way that bluetooth is used to find things like missing car keys. In areas that have low connectivity or very few cell phone towers, proximity based wireless communication via Bluetooth makes a lot of sense.


Why is AirLink an Open Source project?

Simply put: because the more people that use it, the better it will be. If other distributors adopt Airlink, and the devices can “talk” with each other, this will dramatically boost the ability to find lost devices. By Open Sourcing Airlink, we hope to encourage a new standard that everyone has access to, making it easier for everyone to introduce their products and further their enterprise.


How can I be sure that AirLink works properly? 

The way AirLink was built engenders trust. For example, if you are able to find your lost asset with the help of AirLink, you are more likely to invest in this asset because you are no longer afraid of losing that investment. And because AirLink is built to be an open source standard, it is not relying on Simusolar to exist and stay working, giving AirLink longevity.