OpenPAYGO Token

Created by Solaris Offgrid
Open Source token system to enable PAYGO functionality in new products

About this Project

The OpenPAYGO Token is an open source token system to enable PAYGO functionality in new products. This system can be used by product manufacturers creating new devices and can be integrated with any PAYGO software platform.

The technology underpinning the integration of PAYGO into energy access devices was driven by a few industry pioneers, which meant that manufacturers seeking to include PAYGO capabilities in new products either integrated with established platforms or create new, closed-source PAYGO systems with particular functionality.


This created a somewhat fragmented landscape; multiple closed systems were developed and manufacturers spent time integrating with one or several platform providers. Distributors faced compatibility challenges when retailing a portfolio of PAYGO products. At an ecosystem level, these hurdles slowed the distribution of important products to the households that can benefit from them.


The OpenPAYGO Token is a streamlined alternative to having several proprietary PAYGO technology backbones slowing progress in the market, and is freely available for any device manufacturer to implement.

How to Get Started

This project targets manufacturers that want to add a PAYGO (Pay As You Go) feature to their product.


OpenPAYGO Token Documentation


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OpenPAYGO Token Hardware

The Hardware Examples Repository on GitHub.


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Integration Demo

Alain Burindi walks us through how easily software developers can generate and decode a token with the OpenPAYGO Token.

Project Report

The emergence of PAYGO has been one of the most, if not the most, important developments in the energy access sector over the last decade. For customers with low and irregular incomes, PAYGO offers a convenient financing solution that has been critical to increasing access to products that would otherwise be unaffordable. 


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How secure is the OpenPAYGO Token? Is it possible to expand on the code and add new features? How much of the adoption process is free? Visit the FAQ page to read the answer to these and other commonly asked questions about the OpenPAYGO Token.


OpenPAYGO Token FAQs