Survey Toolkit

Created by Devergy
A simple solution for collecting, analyzing, and presenting field survey data

About this Project

The Survey Toolkit can be used to survey customers and communities and keep tabs on operations. We’d recommend this as a great option for teams that are just getting started with surveying, or otherwise finding issue with their existing surveying platform. It combines three off-the-shelf applications — EpiCollect 5, Google Sheets, and Google My Maps — and works like this:


First: Users use EpiCollect 5 to create a custom survey form or data entry template. Then they use the EpiCollect 5 mobile app to collect geo-tagged survey data, with options for collecting data in text, photo, video, or audio formats.


Next, the user enters a script into Google Sheets to allow data to be sent from EpiCollect 5 to Google Sheets, where it can be cleaned and analyzed. Finally, the data can be used in Google Sheets to create a custom Map (i.e. on Google My Maps) which presents insights in a visual format.


We like this toolkit because it’s free, highly configurable, and easy to use.

How to Get Started

This guide will walk you through a survey toolkit that Devergy created, step-by-step. Once you learn the tools, you’ll be able to create and customize surveys that are relevant to your specific business.


The Survey Toolkit Guide on GitHub

Go to GitHub:
Survey Toolkit Script

The toolkit requires users to run a small script in Google Sheets, please go to GitHub to download.



Survey Toolkit on GitHub



Watch: How to
Get Started

These How-To Videos provide viewers with step-by-step instructions for using the Survey Toolkit.

Part One: How to create a survey

Part Two: How to collect survey data with a mobile device


Part Three: Integrating the data for use with Google Sheets


Part Four: How to map geographic information from EpiCollect 5


Project Report

Energy access organizations work in opaque market environments. There is a lack of the kind of data that organizations and their partners would normally like to see — i.e. a description of the physical environment, customer behaviors, existing economic activities, and so on — in order to justify an investment.


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