Webinar: Open Source in Energy Access from the EnAccess Foundation 10 May 2022

How Developers can generate income with D-RECs

D-RECs have considerable potential to accelerate the renewable energy transition, by harnessing the momentum of corporate-led climate action to finance clean energy projects in the parts of the world that need it most.


In this episode of Open Energy Access, Ricky Buch & Tamara Mahoney talk about why project developers should integrate into the D-REC platform today.


00:00 Introductions – Tamara Mahoney & Ricky Buch introduce The EnAccess Foundations and the D-REC Initiative

03:12 What is a D-REC, what makes it new?

08:57 Speaking directly to Energy Access developers, can you explain how D-RECs can create new revenue steams by monetising the environmental aspects of distributed renewable energy?

14:53 Can buyers of D-RECs assign a higher value to a D-REC because of the high impact it can have?

16:33 Explain exactly how Developers get started with step one, and should people get started now? What does it look like to integrate into the D-REC platform?

21:19 What companies are already working with the D-REC platform?

22:55 What is the advantage of getting involved now for developers and for the D-REC Initiative?

24:55 Can you explain exactly how “open source” this platform is, and why?

22:40 What do we need to have donors and funders know about the D-REC initiative?

31:48 What makes the D-REC stand out as the most promising way to monetize environmental attributes in the DRE space? Why should I choose D-REC over P-REC or Solstroem (Carbon markets or a REC instrument)?

38:25 Contact information, thank you and goodbyes


If you are a project developer looking to be involved, here’s the process:

1. Sign up your organization at developer.powertrust.com

2. Following the process to submit data about your existing and planned pipeline

3. Someone from powertrust will connect with you

4. When the time is right, powertrust will help you connect your projects to the D-REC Platform to begin issuing D-RECs

5. When powertrust identifies a buyer for the D-RECs, you will enter into a purchase agreement to sell the D-RECs

6. Receive money for every D-REC you sell