Enaccess Board

We look for ongoing innovation projects in the energy access sector and provide them with funding in an easy and painless way.

Stewart Craine

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Stewart Craine is the Managing Director of Village Infrastructure Angels that was founded in 2012. He previously co-founded the solar LED lighting company Barefoot Power, which built up to a $5 million revenue business that helped 1 million people replace kerosene lamps with solar during 2005-2011. Stewart also has extensive experience in micro and mini hydropower, large wind farm design, hybrid systems, minigrid design and other forms of renewable energy.

Rustam Sengupta

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An entrepreneur turned investor who is extremely passionate about climate change and renewable energy - Rustam wears multiple hats. He works with one of Canada's leading sustainable energy funding organization while teaching at the University of British Columbia and running projects for the Initiative for Sustainable Energy Policy at Johns Hopkins University. Rustam has worked extensively as a consultant with the United Nations, GIZ, Indian government and other development agencies and is a senior expert with Endeva Institute. He founded one of India's fastest growing solar companies and sits on the board of a number of other cleantech enterprises.

Fabio De Pascale

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Fabio is the co-founder and CEO of NXT Grid, the co-founder of The EnAccess Foundation, and the co-founder and Chief Energising Officer at Devergy. Before becoming an entrepreneur in the Energy Access sector, Fabio was Project Manager at the European Space Agency, dedicated to Sounding Rocket and Satellite microgravity research projects. There he managed and supported the successful interaction between international government agencies and the private sector, together with their financial and political implications.

Rahul Barua

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Rahul Barua is the Director of Climate Finance Innovation at Salesforce, where he designs and supports blended financing initiatives for nature and climate action.

Previously, Rahul spent twelve years working in universal energy access (UN Sustainable Development Goal 7) throughout sub-Saharan Africa. His experience includes designing and supporting the financing of energy access projects and ventures, investment funds and facilities, and large-scale public-private partnerships within mini-grid, PAYGO solar home systems, and clean cooking domains. He has worked with the African Development Bank Group's Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa, FactorE, and CleanStar Ventures, and has authored SDG 7 finance research published by UN SEforALL and the EU's GET.invest program. Rahul is a co-founder of and board member at EnAccess.

Rahul holds a Master’s in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh and a BS in Materials Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and lives in Connecticut.