The first Open Source in Energy Access Symposium, to be held 7 – 10 May in Abuja Nigeria, announces the opening of registrations.

The Open Source for Energy Access Symposium


The inaugural Open Source for Energy Access Symposium, to be held 7-10 March in Abuja, Nigeria, is jointly hosted by the EnAccess Foundation and the World Resources Institute (WRI), buoyed by support from the World Bank.


The Symposium will be the center point of everything that surrounds Open Source and Energy Access and will be the birthplace of many collaborations and innovations that will be pivotal in providing global Energy Access. Stakeholders of Open Source and Energy Access from academia, energy businesses, NGOs and civil society, donor organizations, policy makers, the African and/or International Open Source Community, and government agencies will be a part of the Symposium.


The Symposium being free to attend and having limited seats to offer, it is going to be filled up soon. Get a place for yourself in the Symposium to show that you want to be part of a movement that writes history in the language of sustainable, inclusive energy access.

Register and learn more about the Symposium on the event’s website.


Diversity and Inclusivity


We are actively calling for diverse voices, recognizing that true progress stems from embracing varied perspectives. This symposium will deliberately make a more equal balance between genders a priority in every step of the planning. Why? Because it’s sorely needed both in the renewable energy and technology sectors. More diverse participation enriches discussions, nurturing a broader spectrum of insights and solutions that will shape the future of energy access globally.