The inaugural Open Source in Energy Access Symposium (OSEAS) was held May 7-10, 2024 in Abuja, Nigeria

The OSEAS Report


The Open Source in Energy Access Symposium was a pivotal moment for the open source community and the energy access sector. The idea of the symposium came from an informal conversation between members of World Resources Institute and EnAccess. We had bought the two communities together previously in virtual settings, but knew that we were ready to bring the two industries together in person. The response was overwhelming, and after a very successful conference in Abuja, Nigeria, the symposium is set to be an annual event.


This synthesis report summarizes the vibrant exchanges and collaborative spirit that defined the event, offering an overview of the discussions aimed at accelerating progress toward universal energy access. By gathering policy makers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, technology innovators, civil society, academia and donors, #OSEAS highlighted the critical role of open source technology in enhancing interoperability, cost efficiency, and maintaining high quality within the energy access landscape.


Thank you to all of the participants, speakers, donors, and organizers who made this event a reality. We are will sustain and grow this community, which is critical for bridging energy access gaps where needed the most.


Vivien Barnier, Clara Donadello, Wisdom Chapp-Jumbo, Daniel Mohns – EnAccess Foundation

Dimitrios Mentis, Susan Onyango, Sarah George, Newton Obbuyi – World Resources Institute


Report available for download here.