Webinar: Open Source in Energy Access from the EnAccess Foundation 28 September 2021

Open Source from the Adopters Point of View

About the Panelists:

Catherine Adelmann is manager and founder of Fosera. She holds a B.Eng. in Industrial Engineering and a M.Sc. in Brand & Sales Management.


Vaibhav Vaidya is CTO at Simusolar, working on productive use hardware, technical service design and business IT applications.


Mark van Niekerk is responsible for operational oversight in the local FRES companies primarily in Uganda and South Africa, and new Project Development.


Fabio de Pascale is the Chairperson at the EnAccess Foundation, as well as CEO of NXT Grid, a mini-grid technologies company. 


This webinar is hosted by The EnAccess Foundation with support from the Alliance for Rural Electrification.