Webinar: Open Source in Energy Access from the EnAccess Foundation 14 September 2021

Open Innovation in Energy Access: hearing from the creators of Open Source.

About the Panelists:


Dimitris Mentis is a Senior Energy Geographer with the World Resources Institute. Dimitris focuses on the development and application of open source, dynamic, geospatial platforms and analytical tools (such as the Energy Access Explorer) to support governments, private companies, donors and other development-oriented institutions in identifying high priority areas where access to energy should be expanded for socio-economic development.


Annette Mumbi is an Investment Associate at CrossBoundary Energy Access (CBEA), where she is involved in raising capital, structuring mini-grid transactions and managing portfolios of mini-grid assets across Africa.


Bryan Silverthorn is the CTO at Angaza. Angaza creates software for selling life-changing products in underserved markets. They work with off-grid distribution companies to enable financing of solar devices, DC appliances, and other durable goods.


This webinar is hosted by The EnAccess Foundation with support from the Alliance for Rural Electrification.