Micro-Power Manager

Created by Inensus

Decentralized utility management made simple.

About this Project

Micro-Power Manager (MPM) is an open-source software for mini-grid customer and asset management, originally developed by INENSUS, and published in 2020. It is an all-in-one management software for Decentralised Electric Utilities.

Through collaboration with EnAccess, we make it a no/low-cost and easy-access all-in-one management software for decentralized renewable energy companies. With a new dashboard interface, an upgraded Android Merchant/Agent App, and an Android Customer Registration App the tool will also allow the use of hybrid Mini-Gird and SHS and SHS operations only.

Features of the MPM

The core MPM software is a fully equipped CRM software with a ticketing system and integrations with various meter manufacturers and mobile money providers that are designed and built for mini-rid operators.

The collaboration between INENSUS and EnAccess is adding further features to the MPM software to reflect SHS operations, which broadens the use cases and the adoption of the tool. Here are some highlights of new functionalities.

• A separate window and engine for SHS sales on deferred payment schemes/PAYG in addition to the appliance sales engine.
• Higher flexibility for database extractions and data export with more options specific to SHS operations
• New user roles, as specific for SHS operations
• Integrations with additional mobile money providers and OEM of SHSs will add adaptability by several SHS distributors

How to Get Started

If you want to have a look and try it out, you can try the demo here

The full project documentation and source code can be found in the project’s GitHub repository.

MPM Community Discussion

EnAccess is always committed to driving community growth and general promotion of the Open Source MPM project and supporting adoption in a broader sense. We are also committed to transparency. Check the community discussion and feedback by companies looking into using the MPM.

Coming soon: Follow the brand new MPM Discord Community Channel.





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