Funding Application Preview

To apply for funding, you need to fill out the form here. Use this page to get familiar with the questions that you’ll need to answer. 

Our application for funding includes the following questions.


Summarize the innovation in less than 100 characters.

This is what we this proposal will be named for the time being. It helps to be short, yet descriptive; this way it will stay clear in the mind of the reviewers in an ocean of applications. This answer is mostly a label, it has little importance from a ranking perspective, for that we will look at the next answers much more.


What Energy Access sector-wide problem, or under-explored opportunity, does the project address?

Focus this answer on your problem/opportunity and why it also affects other companies/organisations (B2B). Point us to evidence that supports your thinking.


You’re here because you need funding for an Open Source project that is useful for the Energy Access sector. Tell us why this project wouldn’t be (as) successful if you didn’t Open Source it.

We want to see that you have a real, beneficial reason to go Open Source – and that you would proceed in that direction with or without our help.


Tell us about the project approach, results, and the background of the team. We want to see that you will be able to deliver.

Focus this answer on the solution your project will provide, and tell us why and how you will achieve that solution. Use words that provide a clear understanding. Sell us on the idea and the team.


Can you specifically name at least 3 companies or organisations, including competitors, that will benefit from the proposed innovation?

To be incredibly clear, it’s a very good thing for EnAccess that others want and need to copy your solution and run it on their own. The companies you name here would eventually be contacted (by us) for their opinions at a later stage of the evaluation process. 


Will you be using other Open Source software, hardware, or Open Knowledge when completing this project? If yes, please specifically tell us what you plan to use.

We like any attempt at using Open Source tools, no matter where they come from.


What specific aspects of the innovation are Open Source?

If you are creating a software or hardware, we’ll want to see that your deliverables include source code, documentation, and production files. If your project is a business model or toolkit, you’ll have to explain in detail what the final Open Source output will be – remember, another company needs to be able to copy, tweak, and use whatever you produce “out of the the box.”


How long will the project take to complete?

We prefer projects that can be completed within a year.


How much will the project cost (in USD)?

We can fund projects with budgets of up to USD 250,000. Smaller budgets win over larger budgets.


Share a URL with your estimated budget.

Feel free to adapt and use this template: This is a test: you need to click on the link above, click on File –> copy, fill in with relevant data, then copy here the URL of the budget you created (the address on top in your browser). 


Full name of Project Lead, Company, LinkedIn Profile, Website, etc. 
Remember to review your proposal and fill out all the mandatory questions before submitting. The application form to fill out and submit is here


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