Project Funding Preview

To apply for funding, you need to fill out a short letter of intent. Use this page to get familiar with the questions that you’ll need to answer. 

The letter of intent for project funding includes the following questions.

Tell us about your project in fewer than 300 words.


You can skip the parts about how important Energy Access is and the great impact it can have on education/food/economic development – we fully understand and agree with that. Focus this answer on your problem/opportunity.



Why are you working on this and why are you the right person/team to solve this problem?



How would your project benefit the Energy Access Sector?


This is where you should talk about the B2B impact – the other “B” is probably an Energy Access company. While you can mention how your project might benefit the end users (customers), we are particularly interested in B2B impact. 


What specific aspects of the innovation are Open Source?


If you are creating a software or hardware, we’ll want to see that your deliverables include source code, documentation, and production files. If your project is a business model or toolkit, you’ll have to explain in detail what the final Open Source output will be – remember, another company needs to be able to copy, tweak, and use whatever you produce “out of the the box.”


How long will the project take to complete?


We prefer projects that can be completed within a year.


How much will the project cost (in USD)?


Smaller budgets (<40,000 USD) win over larger budgets.


Full name of Project Lead, Company, LinkedIn Profile, Website, etc. 

Remember to review your proposal and fill out all the mandatory questions before submitting. 

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