EnAccess and WRI announce the first-ever Open Source for Energy Access Symposium, May 7-10 2024 in Abuja, Nigeria


The Open Source for Energy Access Symposium


In 2024, every light switch holds the power to change lives. Energy access isn’t a luxury but a fundamental right – and this is a tangible reality we’re on the brink of making possible. Using Open Source technology will make it happen even faster.


Set against the backdrop of Abuja, Nigeria from May 7-10, 2024, the inaugural Open Source for Energy Access Symposium, jointly orchestrated by EnAccess and the World Resources Institute (WRI), buoyed by support from the World Bank, will take place.


EnAccess and WRI have a history of virtual collaborations, and have partnered in the past on various webinars dedicated to Open Source solutions for Energy Access. On a windy afternoon in Amsterdam, representatives from the two organizations met together in person for the first time, and quickly put together a plan for an even grander collaboration: an in-person event to celebrate and explore the challenges in Open Source in Energy Access. It only took a few minutes to decide on a location – Nigerian project developers have been at the forefront of embracing open source in their work, enabling them to move faster, make better decisions, and achieve greater impact. The event had to take place in Nigeria, and it had to be in 2024. 


This event comes at a pivotal moment in the pursuit of universal energy access. The Symposium will serve as a hub where transparency, innovation, interoperability and collaboration will be at the forefront. We’re inviting professionals from across the globe and the sector to share their successes and failures, open up about their challenges and look for ways to collaborate for the sake of high quality, interoperable tools for Energy Access.


The revolution begins now. 

Diversity and Inclusivity


We are actively calling for diverse voices, recognizing that true progress stems from embracing varied perspectives. This symposium will deliberately make a more equal balance between genders a priority in every step of the planning. Why? Because it’s sorely needed both in the renewable energy and technology sectors. More diverse participation enriches discussions, nurturing a broader spectrum of insights and solutions that will shape the future of energy access globally.


The Open Source in Energy Access Symposium will be free to attend, but spots will be limited and will be going fast. You should attend if you are an Energy Access project developer, manufacturer, policymaker, donor, or funder of Energy Access initiatives, or part of the African and/or International Open Source Community. 


By attending the Symposium, you are saying that you want to be part of a movement that writes history in the language of sustainable, inclusive energy access.


Learn about the Symposium on the event’s page.

Contact us for more information: symposium@enaccess.org