EnAccess is supporting open source Oxygen Concentrators for underserved communities

The COVID-19 wave is expected to surge soon in the Global South, and to hit underserved communities. EnAccess is uniquely positioned to help, as experienced innovators that understand the context of the situation.

EnAccess is supporting the design and manufacturing of open source Oxygen Concentrators for underserved communities. We want to quickly get to a working design that can be locally built, repaired and used in settings where access to energy is an issue.

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What we support

We are accepting applications for Oxygen Concentrator design groups and manufacturing efforts. We will fund both open source design efforts and manufacturing and distribution activities. We will support both complete design efforts, but also specific parts that will help with a complete O2 concentrator design - e.g. O2 flow meters, etc.

Funding specifics

Funding will be very quickly approved for funding requests up to USD 5,000 for materials cost, design work, rapid prototyping. The support is meant to accelerate and unlock open source projects, for instance in purchasing materials for prototyping, equipment needed to test a concept and similar critical items that if missing would slow down the design work. For exceptional cases, we may support larger funding requests.

If you can manufacture/distribute in your country, we can help

Please submit an application - we are interested in covering the cost of materials, other direct costs and similar items. Anything you manufacture should be based on an open source design and we expect you to provide us feedback on your manufacturing and distribution experience, as we want to replicate lessons learnt over different geographies.

Open Source, Always

The supported projects will need to license their work under an approved Open Source license. We typically default to MIT license and Creative Commons licenses.


This call will be open until 31 May 2020. Nevertheless, applications will be reviewed as they come in, and funding will be disbursed on a first-come-first-served basis. Only applications that are considered eligible for support will be funded.

The Process

1. Every application will be reviewed.

2. We will inform all applicants if their application has been considered for funding.

3. We will organize a video interview with successful applicants.

4. Funding will be distributed to successful applicants.