The D-REC Initiative

Created by Positive.Capital Partners and South Pole

The D-REC Initiative

A D-REC is a certificate representing one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity that has been generated from a distributed renewable energy source(s). It allows companies and individuals to buy renewable energy that was created in small installations, such as a Solar Home System or a small mini-grid. Currently RECs are only for large renewable projects - such as a solar or wind farm - and small producers are precluded from being part of that market. The D-REC Initiative from Positive.Capital Partners and South Pole aims to change that.

The D-REC Initiative

Interview with Paul Needham and Ricky Buch

Demystifying the D-REC

GAP Analysis

Proof of Concept

Press Release From South Pole

D-REC: Financing Climate Action through Distributed Renewables

This webinar was great at taking a pretty complicated idea and explaining it in simple language with easy to understand examples (thanks to the expertise of the speakers!).