What We Do and Why

We fund different types of ideas or projects that can help energy access organizations around the world. We are flexible in the types of solutions that can be created with our funding and can support projects at either Concept or Pilot stages. Concept projects typically start with sketches and conversations, and “bake” through a structured set of research, analysis, and prototyping activities. Pilot projects have already been researched and thought through, and are likely ready for testing in a real environment. If we fund your project, we will work with you to complete the project design, package the solutions and insights that are generated, and share the content that is created.

The EnAccess Foundation exists because bringing modern energy to 3 billion people around the world is hard and expensive, and funding for innovation is scarce. We believe that there is a major opportunity to accelerate progress by increasing funding for innovation and increasing collaboration. By creating a portfolio of open source solutions, we hope it becomes easier for energy access organizations to succeed in their missions. And by funding exploratory ideas, we aim to provide innovators with the time, space, and resources to trial radical concepts that can take the industry in wholly new directions.